Walser People Populate the Valley


The Avers high mountain valley in the Canton of Grisons was not a No Man's Land in the 13th century. When the Walser people from the Upper Valais gradually moved into the valley as settlers, they encountered Romansh people. The Walser people settled in the lower part of the valley and used the upper part as pastureland. In the first few years, the indigenous Romansh people and the newcomers lived peacefully side by side. It was only later that the Walser people began to dominate the high mountain valley of Avers. The Walser immigrants brought with them not only their language but also their customs and work techniques. In the course of time they adapted them to the new surroundings. For example, the settlement structure has varied over times. Even though the scattered settlement structure is regarded as typically Walser, there also exist Walser villages.